Dro Montana is Popping on Spotify!

Dro Montana just got added to two of the most premier Rap playlists on Spotify. HipHop 2022 and Rap 2022 collectively have over 300,000 followers and Dro is sitting pretty in one of the top slots on these lists. 

Dro started recording just two years back. And in this small period of time she has already crafted her sound, recorded and finished over 50 records, filmed 10 music videos, and even opened her own recording studio.

Her hard work is clearly paying off, as playlists are picking up her most recent release “Ghost” in droves. This is the kind of momentum that makes artists go viral on the platform, and with roughly 1,000 streams/day on “Ghost” alone, she is on the way to start seeing the algorhythm take her career to new heights. 

Dro said: “It’s never about the accolades for me, it’s always about letting my work speak for itself. If I give 110% on the product, I can trust that the universe will take care of the rest. I’m a big believer in putting my best foot forward and letting go of the results. Although I’d lie if I said I wasn’t super happy about how things are unfolding”. 

Because Dro is dropping a single every other week, we are going to keep a close eye and ear on everything that’s coming – making sure to send her love and support to boost her upcoming singles. We are wanting to see more of her singles chart on both iTunes and billboard. We are secretly hoping for a collab with her and Lil Baby in the near future. 

Check out “Ghost” by Dro Montana on Spotify here:


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