Elias Voltaire – A Conscious Rapper with Versatile Style and Dense Lyricism

Elias Voltaire, a rapper and songwriter from Stockholm, Sweden, has been making music since grade seven. His genre of choice is alternative and conscious hip hop, with a focus on storytelling and complex rhyme schemes. His biggest inspiration is Black Thought of The Roots, whom he considers to be the greatest rapper of all time.

Voltaire’s first full-length project was Dawn to Dark, a concept album split into two thematic halves of light and dark, night and day. Although he considers it a rough listen now, it set the tone for his future work. His latest release is the Signed in Blood EP, a compilation of throwaway tracks that were too good not to see the light of day.

Voltaire is known for being a great storyteller and versatile rapper, with a style that can bend to any theme or genre. He works on conceptual pieces, often tackling darker storytelling and social issues. His lyrical themes are closer to something like El-P’s Cancer 4 Cure.

Although Voltaire is not signed to a label, he is interested in a record deal if it allows him to maintain his artistic integrity. His biggest supporters are his Equation rap groupmate, Epsilon, and his fans.

Voltaire writes all of his own material and is involved in creating music video concepts. He enjoys listening to anything lyrical hip hop or socially conscious rap, and has plans for an upcoming mixtape consisting of loosies that were made during the production of Mephistopolis.

Voltaire is a rapper who is passionate about his craft and continues to make waves in the industry. His music is available on streaming platforms like Spotify, and he hopes to travel to Europe and Tokyo to perform in the future.



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