Endtimez Releases New Song, Alienated

Orlando rap star, Endtimez, is already turning heads with his newly released single “Alienated”. He recorded this song at the beginning of 2020 and has been waiting to release it ever since. This song came about when Endtimez was in a bad place and really felt alone during Covid. Once he got the lyrics out Endtimez “felt like a weight had been lifted and felt relieved to let it out”. The main message he wants his listeners to get out of this song is “no matter how ‘alienated’ you may feel, I’ve been there before and you never truly are alone”.

Endtimez draws attention from crowds due to his noticeable vocal similarities to Eminem. Although Endtimez is an incredible musician, he hopes to spread more than just music. He is a strong advocate of mental health, as he once was in a very dark place. Staying out of rehab and not relapsing is what motivates him to keep waking up each day. “My goal is to inspire others to be themselves,” he said. “I don’t want my followers to be afraid of rejection or have a fear of not being accepted by other people. Basically, my goal is to help people reach their full potential and be the best versions of themselves”.

To learn more about Endtimez or to connect with him, follow him on Instagram, Tik tok, Youtube, Twitter, SoundCloud and Spotify

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