Enter the Parallel Musical World of DJ Two Lee’s Latest Album, Live Your Live

DJ Two Lee creates music that works in all settings and transcends genres. His openness to a wide range of sounds is what has made him a much-loved favourite, but also someone who operates in his own parallel musical world.

Now with track Live Your Life, DJ Two Lee returns to the fray and turns it into an album full of discord, and that results in serious work, attention to detail, that lends itself to starting it and not coming back to reality until it’s finished: the headphones are like the oxygen cylinder that allows you to dive to the bottom of this great sonic rotation, this cosmic orbit, and be there in a state of hypnotic fascination.
In this world where speed is desperately sought and attention deficit is so high, such an album will be misunderstood among many people, even dismissed as really important. But you just have to be patient and want to stop, breathe, sink into it, hold on there as long as you can and admire its interior.

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