Exclusive: 1 On 1 Interview with Queens, NY Artist – Rellz Hundo –

Q .) Why don’t you start by introducing yourself for those who don’t already know you?

Rellz Hundo

Q.) Where are you from?

A)Queens, New York.

Q.) What are some of your biggest musical influences?

Lil Wayne and Don Q.

Q.) How would you describe your musical style and sound?

A) I do drill rap, melodic rap, and lyrical rap.

Q.) Can you walk us through your creative process?

A) “If a beat doesn’t make me move I can’t vibe to it, if it does, I come up with a flow and then fill in the blanks with lyrics which I pull from real life experiences.

Q.) What message or themes do you try to convey through your music?

A) To always be true to yourself and to ignore any negativity.

Q.) Can you tell us about your latest project/album/single and the inspiration behind it?

A) I dropped an album named 2HundredShades last summer and it’s still doing numbers, it’s themed by stage name “Hundo” and what it represents is different shades of me and what I go through on a daily basis.

Q.) Can you speak to any collaborations or features you’ve worked on?

A) Yes, a lot of my features are still in contact with me.

Q.) How do you stay inspired and motivated as an artist?

A) I pull inspiration from my team, whenever I slip, they’re right there to help and it’s the same for all of us we motivate each other, the key is to surround yourself with people that are willing to sacrifice for this, doing everything alone in this industry isn’t wise so it’s good to have a platoon of strong-minded individuals to uplift each other.

Q.) How do you use social media and online platforms to promote your music and engage with your fans?

A) I usually have them engage in challenges or dance competition to win tickets to shows, I also release requested music when my views reach a certain amount.

Q.) How do you maintain authenticity and individuality in your music?

A) As I said earlier, I use real life experiences to write songs, if necessary, I’ll take a break from writing to experience more things to write on but it’s not usually necessary.

Q.) How do you balance your personal life with your music career?

A)It is tough I won’t lie sometimes I need to be in music mode when i want to parlay and vice versa but balance is key you need to know when to miss out on things to get things done but you also can’t forget to live life and take a pause.

Q.) Can you describe any milestones or turning points in your career?

A) Going to ari Lennox shay butter baby listening party.

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