Exclusive: 1 on 1 Interview with Wyoming’s Rising Star to Be – IAN! –

  1. Q.) Why don’t you start by introducing yourself to those who don’t know?
    A.) “
    People know me by ‘IAN! .”
    A.) ” Wyoming.
  3. Q.) What are some of your biggest musical influences?
    A.) Trippie Redd and Juice Wrld for sure but I try to pull influence from every artist I listen to big or small.
  4. Q.) How would you describe your musical style and sound?
    A.) “ I’m diverse, I try to make a lot of everything I rap and sing but recently I’ve been in my rap bag.
  5. Q.) Can you walk us through your creative process?
    A.) I used to have an engineer and producer (shoutout Shorty) but nowadays I cop licenses for beats and engineer my own stuff.
  6. Q.) What message or themes do you try to convey through your music?
    A.) I just try to tell my story because I know as a teenager listening to people like Juice Wrld my favorite part about the music is I could relate, I know there’s someone out there who’s been through the same things I have and that’s special to me. So whatever I’m feeling that’s the vibe yfm.
  7. Q.) Can you tell us about your latest project/album/single and the inspiration behind it?
    A.) ” I’m currently workin on a project of pure emotion, things I’ve been through, how I cope, my thought process through each situation just tryna create the most raw and real project out there.
  8. Q.) Can you speak to any collaborations or features you’ve worked on?
    A.) “ I want to give a huge shoutout to Kee Nola, ToxicOMG, and IceJe, they are all by far the best artists I’ve collaborated with and I’m definitely taking them on tour whenever I get the opportunity.
  9. Q.) How do you stay inspired and motivated as an artist?
    A.) “ I live, try to experience new things, to me there’s nothing in this world like experience, the more you experience to more you have to talk about. Music is a safe space, therapy almost every artist out there knows what I’m talking about. It’s something special definitely not something you can take for granted.
  10. Q.) How do you use social media and online platforms to promote your music and engage with your fans?
    A.) “ I try to engage with every fan, my dms are always open and always I’m down to collaborate with anyone, I’m still figuring out how to push my work out there, but I know I’ll get it down soon so be on the lookout.
  11. Q.) How do you maintain authenticity and individuality in your music?
    A.) “ I make sure that it’s all coming from me, I’ll never put something out there that I know isn’t true. It’s impossible for me to think straight if I know I just released a song full of cap.
  12. Q.) How do you balance your personal life with your music career?
    A.) “ I try to work on music as much as possible, I’m a contractor so I work 50 hours a week pretty much every week, but I never don’t have time for music, I’ll always work when I have the chance.
  13. Q.) Can you describe any milestones or turning points in your career?
    A.) “ The biggest turning point in my career is probably being spoken to by old friends from highschool or old artists I’ve worked with in the past telling me how proud they are that I’ve improved and how I’ve actually turned them all into fans. Feels good knowing I have at least some people behind me.
  14. Q.) Can you speak to any personal experiences you’ve shared through your music?
    A.) “ Well the reason I can say Juice WRLD is my favorite artist of all time is because he spoke on how he was hurt by the women in his past and always conveyed true emotion. It’s out of social norm to me for men to say they’ve been hurt by women, and I’ve had very similar experiences, so I have quite a bit of work speaking on the pain that comes with that.
  15. Q.) Can you describe any long-term goals or aspirations you have for your music career?
    A.) “ All I want to do is make music, rather or not it gets big or no matter how much money comes in I just do it for the craft and the people, even if this goes nowhere knowing I could’ve saved someone’s life or even made them feel more comfortable about their experiences by listening to mine I’ll be content.
  16. Q.) What do you hope listeners take away from your music?
    A.) ” That I’m here for you, no matter what you’re going through, nobody is perfect, I’m a vessel for the people not myself.
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