Ezra’s Wasted Time’ Release Is Only a Sign of What to Expect In Future

Ezra discovered his passion for music when he was still young and schooling. He, therefore, had to wake up early at 5:00 AM to write and record music, for he had saved enough money and bought the recording equipment. After a gradual development in the craft, he opted to quit schooling and focus on music, and his parents were not happy with it. The decision made sense when the pandemic time came around, and his parents didn’t have enough money to pay for their house rent, but he was there to the rescue, for he had made some money after the release of his first album.


In his previous releases, Ezra used the name Young E.Z (had over a million streams), for he thought of it as childish. The only drop he has made with his real name is ‘Wasted Time,’ which he terms as a game-changer of his music quality. He is now working on his new album, ‘Ezra,’ that he anticipates to be even better. He urges the fans to stay tuned to his channels @whereisezra to get entertained by his awesome tunes and more updates on future releases and plans.

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