Find Out Why Ohr Fluxman Should Be On Your Radar

Who is OhrFluxman? If you don’t know, you’re certainly not alone. Despite his impressive
accomplishments, the young rapper, producer, and entrepreneur remains something of a mystery. But
that’s all about to change.
By age 20, he had achieved 3 million in sales, which he then used to fund and propel his music career
forward. Today, OhrFluxman is a rising star in the music world, thanks in part to his business acumen.
OhrFluxman is no stranger to hard work. The musician, producer, and DJ has been perfecting his craft
for years, and his most recent project, Temptation, is a testament to his dedication. The album is a
masterful blend of trap, R&B, and pop, with each track showcasing OhrFluxman’s unique production
style. Despite the genre-bending nature of the album, it still manages to stay true to OhrFluxman’s
roots, with features from some of the best MCs in the game. With Temptation, OhrFluxman has once
again proved that he is a force to be reckoned with in the music industry.
So, what’s the secret to OhrFluxman’s success? Well, it turns out that he’s also good at selling himself.
He’s a master of self-promotion, and he’s always finding new and innovative ways to get his name out

there. Whether it’s through social media or traditional marketing channels, OhrFluxman knows how to
get people talking about him and his brand.
As OhrFluxman continues to make a name for himself, there’s no doubt that he’ll be one to watch in the
years to come. So, if you’re not already familiar with him, be sure to keep an eye out for this rising star.
Stream OhrFluxman`s newest release on the artist’s official music platforms and
follow on his official social media. Contact through email for interviews,
reviews, and/or collaborations.
IG: @ohrfluxman

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