Frank Vibes the hottest upcoming rapper out of Chicago.

1. What’s your name?Franklin Simpkins better known as Frank Vibes.2. Where are you from?I’m from Richton Park, IL a South Suburban Neighborhood of the greater Chicagoland Area.3. How old are you?I was blessed to see 26 beginning of January.4 .When did you start making musicI started officially making music in the Fall of 2009 thanks to the homies Romie, Rashod, Jaleel, Branden, and big Rob. When I got to college I formed my first rap group with my guys Shawn, Eli, and Don while our friends Dre and Tory would promote us around campus. When I joined the Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc. my junior year with my line brothers Byron, Tory, and Lance the men that brought us into the fold Marcus, OJ, and Myke were the reason I started to get my first few shows. My boys Aron and Nick got me first festival after I graduated and at that point I just kinda knew this was my life.5. How serious are you about your career?I am very serious about my career it’s the only thing I’m fully dedicated to right now. I’m my own label, A&R, manager (at times), video editor, engineer, producer (earlier in my career) I’ve worn many hats and dedicated many years to this grind. I started at 10 and been making actual music since 13 everything I know is self taught I’d go to studios just to eat hustle on how engineers were mixing so I can apply it to my own stuff. I really studied rap and how rappers did their thing. My fav rapper is Big L and I went into a deep dive on his catalog how he structured verses albums stories themes the whole nine Lifestyles of da Poor and Dangerous is one of if not the best rap album of all time.6. Have you ever thought about quitting music? I got real low at one point and it wasn’t that I thought about quitting music but quitting on life. Music is my life I love her and if I can’t have her I really don’t know what I would do to be honest. At that moment I made a decision I can let it end all right here or I can climb myself out the pit and become the GOAT I know I have the potential of becoming. I decided to climb and I been climbing ever since.7. Who inspires you the most?My family honestly my Mama my Pops and my two older brothers Phillip and Phelan. My oldest brother Phillip taught me about rap and how to put what’s on my mind on paper and my older brother Phelan was always a true genius I just always felt if I could just have a portion of his intellect I can make anything happen. When it comes to my parents I just want to make them proud they sacraficed a lot for me and brothers and the world is the least I can give them.8.What got you into making music?I just really loved music it was always there even when I though my talents lied in other places. I was always knew I would do something in the arts wether that be drawing, acting, comedy, or dancing I just knew I wanted to do something creative. Ironically throughout all of them I couldn’t do any without being in the presence of music. It’s just something about it how it speaks to me it’s a real science behind it playing with frequencies and vibrations. These are factors that alter the human energy and wave lengths who wouldn’t want to play with such powers once you master you literally achieved a super power. You can influence people to feel and experience what your feeling and experiencing all at once. Some use this power for bullshit but me I just want to put everyone into a groove make people smile again yeah we must stand up for our freedom but who says we can do it with joy.9.Who is your favorite producer?My favorite Producers because it’s three are Wilderness, SHURIKYM 808, and Phyzical these guys are the best producers I’ve ever heard. The music they makes deserves every chart and accolade they deserve and we a red e definitely working to make that a reality.10. What is one of your best songs/beats?To be honest I don’t know I’m my biggest fan so everything is a hit to me I don’t care if anyone else really realizes they will eventually. I love projects I never been a single guy I like hearing fully fleshed out thoughts and perspectives I can’t get all that on track so I love all my songs cause they tell a story especially for me. It’s like being in a time machine seeing where I was and how far I came. If I choose a project I would right now it would be my most recent project The Black Urameshi I dropped at the end to February.11. Are you signed to a record or label?I am not signed to anyone I’m signed to myself. Registered myself with ASCAP I run my own Distrokid and other streaming profiles. I also handle all my own social media I’m a one man army when it comes to my craft but I do have help. My new manager Jaleel, my creative director MISFIT Chris, and my photographer/videographer/hype man Rashod. If I did have to sign with a label the only one I would ink with is Dreamville that’s a home for artist now just a label.12. Have you ever performed?Quite a few times I love performing it’s my favorite part of making music. Don’t get me wrong I love being in the studio but when I’m making my music I make it with the vision of destroying someone’s stage with it.13. Who would you most likely collaborate with? Big L is my favorite rapper of all time but my favorite right now is J. Cole and I would love to get on a track with him. The main reason is to prove that he ain’t just smoking everybody. Like I said I’m trying to be known as a GOAT and what’s the best way to test my grit and skill then with the best right now.14. If you could open for any artist who would it be? Again I have to say J. Cole really all do Dreamville any of those artist would be great to open for. I would also love to open for guys like Kendrick all of TDE, Denzel Curry, IDK, Rico Nasty, Rhapsody, Noname, Saba, Mick Jenkins. Any of those artist would be the ultimate blessing to open for.15. What’s next for you?The album it’s that time I been pushing it back for years now and I’m not waiting anymore I’m ready. 2023 I’m rolling out my debut album along with a documentary detailing the creation of it from beginning to end. I just plan on really using my pen and pad to just do something human for the world just remind us that’s all we really are at the end of the day. My story is a story I’m sure many can relate to my mind is a mind I’m sure others have as well but at the end of the day I just want us to all be decent to each other. If my music can influence a change like that I accomplished what God put me here to do.

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