From Virginia To Canada: Meet Apex Frazier

Hip-Hop Artist Apex Frazier out of Lindsay, Ontario, Canada is on his way. The young artist has always had a passion for music and when we asked how he got his musical start, he said, “I’ve always loved making music but I started falling in love with rap at 10 and started writing my own shortly after. I started releasing music to SoundCloud at 12 and DSP’s a year or so after.” Apex Frazier is known for his lyrical content and his smooth melodic rap style. His latest record “Coffee Shop” is a very relaxed rap record with a rustic vibe and creates a beautiful cinematic feel.

The name Apex is very unique and we asked him where the name came from and he said, “My name is Caleb Frazier, my artist name is Apex Frazier. Apex means to be at the highest possible point, so I’m trying to be the best me possible.” Apex has done just that, he has elevated and grown at a gradual pace and has created a fan base that loves what he creates. He’s worked with Christian Hip-Hop artist Xay Hill and widely known artist Beleaf. Apex is as good as they come and has so much ahead of him. He is planning to release a EP this year and he says, “It’s some of my best work yet”.

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