Getting To Know New York Artist Carly X

The first three syllables of Carly X’s government name is the origin of her name. Carly X has a component to her personality that enjoys expressing herself poetically, and understanding this is essential to understanding who she is. 

As for Carly X’s music, she writes all of it. She considers song lyrics essential; thus, she only wants her name to appear on the original material that she has composed. She prefers R&B over any other genre, with Hip Hop/Rap as her second favorite kind of music.

Finishing up particular singles is presently Carly X’s primary focus. Also, she’s working on an EP that chronicles the last four years of her life. She hopes to get it out by the end of the first quarter of next year. “Been Doing” is the title of her most recent song. In a one-minute tune, she shows that she’s been making music for some time. The final week of November is scheduled to be the date of her next release.

SOB’s is a venue Carly is very interested in selling out. She considers it a landmark in the Hip-Hop community because of its storied history. Carly X would want to perform in either Los Angeles or the United Kingdom. The largest audience she’s ever played for was in Las Vegas with Doritos and Busta Rhymes during her stay there. Wiz Khalifa opened for her during the “Life is Beautiful Pre-Show” at The Foundry in Las Vegas, where she competed. 

In the future, A Carly X tour with Tierra Whack, Chika, and Rapsody would be a dream come true. She thinks a female rap tour with even more female musicians than those already listed would be amazing. In five years she envisions herself creating the groundwork for her business. However, she hopes that it doesn’t take her a whole five years to accomplish her goal. Instead of blowing up and losing control of her profession, she’s content to go at her own pace.

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