Getting to know Shantelwithasexys 

Shantelwithasexys AKA Baseoflife is a promoter and marketing manager from Montego Bay, Jamaica.  Shantelwithasexys plans to educate people, especially in the black community, on conscious music and the artists who create it.

“I am proud to be a marketing manager and supporter of artists in getting their music heard. I am proud to be a Jamaican and I am proud of my work as a jet ski instructor as well”. Shantelwithasexys says her most difficult obstacle she had to overcome was coming out as a lesbian in a Jamaican family. 

Her biggest musical inspirations are Bob Marley, Glen Washington and Reggie is life. This promoter and marketing manager’s focus is for her artists’ listeners is to embrace their positive vibrations at a high frequency. Shantelwithasexys is also an artist herself, she wire wraps crystals. 

“If I could collaborate with anyone it would be Chronixx and Koffee, they speak life into their music and elevate listeners to be great in their lives…they speak like Bob Marley. I wake up everyday to create peace, love, unity and respect in a world of turbulence. I want people to understand that everyone matters and it’s possible to live out your dreams; I found my purpose during a hurricane. I love when people live in their purpose, I am a creative, courageous, powerful loving woman” says Shantelwithasexys.

“My biggest supporters come from the Baseoflife show”, this is where Shantelwithasexys gives the artist the opportunity to share their passion and gifts. The artist’s get the real and get to answer questions like ‘what’s your vision for the world’.

This ambitious young lady has big plans for herself as well as the artists she promotes. I’m positive we’ll be seeing more of Shantelwithsexys! Follow her on Instagram.

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