Giuliana Cabrazia on How Music Connects People Worldwide

When Giuliana Cabrazia, with her evolved sense of music and philosophical bent of mind, says that she genuinely believes music to be a universal language, you know there’s more to it.

Indeed, says Giuliana Cabrazia, music speaks to all of us. We may know the lyrics, or we may not even know the language. We may recognize the song’s tune or might be listening to the genre for the first time. We may have it on our playlist or might be simply latching on to what’s flowing out of a neighbor’s open window. 

No matter what the music is or where it might have come from, we understand and speak its language when we smile, tilt our head, strain our ear, dance a step or two, or even cry to it. 

If you still have your doubts, challenges Giuliana Cabrazia, check out your playlist right now, and you are sure to find at least a couple of songs in there that you do not understand the lyrics. Not one word! Yet, the pieces are in there and will remain so. And you know they’re in there because you’ve taken a liking to them. 

Halfway around the world, there’s a soul similar to you with a couple of songs from your playlist. And that person doesn’t understand your spoken language either.

It doesn’t matter what human language it is in. Listening to a song tells you immediately whether it’s a fun song or a sad one. It tells you whether it is shallow and fleeting or deep and thoughtful. The tune of the song even tells you how to feel about it.

Music tells you about the people who call the song their own, and it gives you a peek into their souls. And it isn’t long before you are one with the music these people have lent you, and soon enough, you are one of their own. 

For centuries, music has caught our hand and helped us dance to the tunes of life. Or, when taking a breather was imminent, music has held us back in bed to curl up and cry. 

Giuliana Cabrazia speaks of how humankind has always spoken this universal language of music. Music has always been one of the most magical and influential factors that unite people from different races, thought processes, and even religious beliefs. 

Music moves from one soul to another as freely as the morning breeze moves beyond borders — without fear, without prejudice, and without holding back. 

The spoken language may divide us, says Giuliana Cabrazia, but music is the one universal language that will always bind our souls together. And for this, humankind should always remain thankful. 

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