Godden – A Rising Hip Hop Artist from Brampton

Godden, a talented hip hop artist from Brampton, has been making music for only two years but has already made a name for himself in the local music scene. In a recent interview, Godden shared insights into his musical journey, inspirations, and future plans.

Godden’s interest in music began early in his life, but it wasn’t until two years ago that he started writing and rapping. His first single, “Got It Movin,” was well-received by the audience and marked the beginning of his promising career in music.

When asked about his inspirations, Godden named Styles P, Rich Rocka, Russ, and Eminem as his role models. He credits their music for inspiring him to create authentic and meaningful content that resonates with his listeners.

As a hip hop artist, Godden is focused on creating music that represents his experiences and speaks to his audience. His music is a blend of old-school and new-school hip hop, which makes it unique and appealing to a broad audience.

Godden’s dedication and passion for music have already earned him a name within the music industry. He also expressed a desire to work with Russ, who he considers an icon in the hip hop genre.

Currently, Godden is working on his next project, which is expected to release soon. He revealed that he is open to signing with a record label or distribution deal to take his music to a broader audience.

In the next five years, Godden sees himself on the Billboard charts and performing on stages worldwide. With his talent and determination, there’s no doubt that Godden is on his way to achieving his dreams and becoming a renowned hip hop artist.

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