Han the Entity Shocks Sponsors On Live Radio With 2 Surprise Celebrity Guests 

(Dr.E Pictured To The Left And Han the Entity Pictured To The Right) 

Amidst A Great Pool Of Controversy Sponsors Have Been Able To  Deem This Live Radio Interview A Great Success, Even After The  Radio Station Owner Shut Down The Interview Due To Concerns Of  Potential FCC Violations And Technical Difficulties. 

As Many Listeners Tuned In, Word Spread Fast Due To A Great  Promotional Team And Loyal Fan-base To Raise Awareness For  Beginning Artists To Help Those In Need, Even Against Great Odds.

An Up And Coming Indie-HipHop Artist Known As Han the Entity Has  Been Working Hard To Merge The Aid Of Multiple Genres Of Music Artists In Order To Combat A lot Of The Negative Aspects Of HipHop  And Rock Music Industry Precedents, And Leave A Positive And  Lasting Impact Upon Modern Society. 

With Realities Building And Strong Aspirations Quickly Coming To  Full Fruition Helping The Generations Of The Future, It Takes A Lot  Of Effort From A Great Collection Of Beautiful Hearts And Minds To  Make The Changes That Many Feel Are Necessary In This Age Of Society And The Mainstream Music Industry.

Han the Entity Is Making A Strong Stride Towards Achieving This  Through A Firm Development Of Assets In Deeply Networked Public  Charity Events. 

Recently Han the Entity Announced He Will Be Participating In A  Large Scale Charity Event Alongside A Certified Financial Fiduciary  Working Directly With The Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. 

Through An Upcoming Walk For Charity Event, They Will Be Walking  Alongside Cystic Fibrosis Patients, Many Passionate Pulmonologists,  Gastroenterologists, Respiratory Therapists, Veterans, And Many  Parents Participating In The Walk At The Baltimore Zoo On May 11th Upcoming This Year. 

On Oct 9th 2022 Han the Entity Had A Break-Out Debut  Participating As A Co-Host In A Live Radio Interview On 93.7Fm The Warrior Empowerment Hour, Along-side Constable And Host Dom Brown. 

Also Joining In Promoter And Co-Host Robz, Special Guest  Artists Dr.E And Moe Money, Alongside Special Guest  Hagerstown Youth Program Organizer Suzy Quinn, Were Happy To Be In-Person For Such A Genre Unifying, Live Radio, Artist And Charity, Debut Interview.

(Pictured From Farthest To Closest, Han the Entity, Dr.E, Suzy Quinn,  And Moe Money) 

Also Joining As Surprise Special Celebrity Guest Call-ins, Two Formerly Longtime Members Of The Very Well Known American Crossover Thrash Band Suicidal Tendencies, Formed In 1980 Out Of Las Angeles In The Golden State Of  California.

Louiche Mayorga, And R. J. Herrera, Were Sharing Great  Insight On Todays Music Industry Culture And Nothing Short  Of Pure Inspiration. With So Much Experience And Heartfelt  Things To Say There Was Great Conversations To Be Heard  From Those Two Legends.  

Notably, Louiche Mayorga Worked Alongside Fellow  Celebrity Danny Trejo For The Film “5150”. Louiche Mayorga  And R.J. Herrera Are Also Credited For Their Work On The  Soundtrack “Institutionalized” That Was Used For The Film 

“Repo Man” Starring Yet Another Fellow Celebrity Emilio  Estevez.  

R.J. Herrera Also Earned 2 Gold Records And 2 Grammy  Nominations For His Contributions From 1985-1993 With  Suicidal Tendencies. 

Many Are Looking Forward To Hearing More From Them In  Upcoming Interviews, There Is A lot To Be Learned From  Artists Who Have Been To The Heights Of The Industry Time  And Time Again. 

There Were Also Other Well Known Special Guest Call-ins  From HipHop Artists: Nocturnal, Pseudo Black, And John X  Smith. Who Were Also Scheduled To Be Joining In Via  Special Guest Call-In, And Were Able To Leave Listeners With Many Great Stepping Stones Of Advice.

Unfortunately Due To Time Restraints Artist John X Smith  Was Unable To Stay For The Length Of The Interview But  Relayed That He Was Willing To Come Back Again Along  Side Nocturnal And Pseudo Black. 

But Nonetheless Both Pseudo Black And Nocturnal Were Still  Able To Share So Much Needed Insight Firsthand From Today’s Music Industry. 

There Were Many Great Topics Covered But Among The Best  Would Be The Growth. How Artists Grow Throughout Their  Career Finding What Works And What Doesn’t And Still  Staying True To Themselves Along The Way. 

93.7 Warrior Empowerment Hour Weekend Host And  Constable Dom Brown Said He Would Be More Then Happy  To Have Them Back On For More Great Insight. 

And Even Very Established Heavy Metal And Rock Artists, Author And Lead Singer Sean Scott Hicks From Test Human, Terry Babicz, Roland Banks, And Nathan Steele Will Be  Coming Back Soon For Follow-Up Interviews. 

Unfortunately The Radio Interview Was Forced To Be Cut  Short 3/4 Of The Way Through Due To Technical Difficulties, Therefore Not Allowing The Rest Of The Scheduled Interviews To Be Finished Within The Originally Allotted Radio Time  Slot. 

But To The Delight Of Many There Is Many Additional Efforts Announced And Being Made For Scheduling Of More In Depth  Interviews With Terry Babicz, Roland Banks, And Nathan  Steele, As Well As Author And Lead Singer Sean Scott Hicks  From Test Human About His New Autobiography “The Devil  To Pay: A Mobster’s Road To Perdition”

In Other News Han The Entity Is Also Anticipating Many  Other Upcoming Charity Events And Music Video Productions  Starting In Late February Of 2023. 

Han the Entity Has Been Coordinating With The Shriners  Children’s Hospital As Well As Other Associated Free Mason  Operated Charity Organizations, Additionally To The  Aforementioned Cystic Fibrosis Foundation, For A Plethora Of Major Upcoming Charity Events Centered Around Raising  Awareness For The Many Children Suffering From Cystic  Fibrosis, Among Many Other Debilitating Conditions, Who  Are In Great Need Of Treatment. 

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