Hip-Hop Artist Ray Knowledge Releases “Shoof” On All Platforms

Louisiana-born rapper Ray Knowledge has returned with a new single that has been hailed as another hit. The track, titled “Shoof,” is a fresh and improved version of the artist, with listeners loving it. The word “Shoof” translates to “Look” in Arabic, but according to Ray, he uses it more like the popular slang terms “sheesh” or “Woah.” The song is just under three minutes long and features heavy 808’s and a smooth, relaxed flow. Ray’s confident delivery and authentic rap bars have been well-known, but his addition of strong melodies has taken his sound to the next level.

We had a chance to speak with Ray Knowledge, who revealed that he’s just getting started. As an independent artist, he has achieved over 1 million streams across all platforms and was selected as a 2022 Rapzilla Freshman earlier this year. He hinted that there is a lot more in store for this year, and he now has a small team around him to push his music to new heights. Ray has overcome adversity and managed to keep his head high amid chaos, and all his hard work is paying off in great amounts.

Ray Knowledge’s latest single is a testament to his growth as an artist, and it is clear that he is on the verge of reaching new heights. The Louisiana native has been a standout in the rap scene for some time now, and his latest offering shows that he is committed to evolving and exploring new sounds.

“Shoof” is a song that showcases Ray’s ability to deliver smooth yet powerful verses. The track’s production is also noteworthy, with the heavy 808’s adding an extra layer of depth to the song. As an independent artist, Ray has proven that he has what it takes to succeed in the music industry, and his recent accolades are proof of that. Being selected as a Rapzilla Freshman is a major accomplishment, and it shows that the industry is taking notice of Ray’s talent.

Looking ahead, it is clear that Ray Knowledge has a bright future in music. With his latest single earning praise from fans and critics alike, it is only a matter of time before he becomes a household name. As he continues to push himself and explore new sounds, it will be exciting to see what he comes up with next. The Louisiana rapper has proven that he has the talent, drive, and passion to succeed, and his latest single is just the beginning of what promises to be an incredible journey.

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