Hot New York Artist Grea8 Gawd Releases New Single Gem Star

Although the pandemic and covid 19 had a major effect on our economy and families for the music industry covid 19 had a reverse effect. During the Pandemic we watched a number of mc’s emerge on to the rap scene and have major success. Having to wear a mask daily for a whole year has made artist Grea8Gawd from god knows where say “Im never taking my mask off ever again’! So now we have an Mc that no one is able to identify. Who is Grea8Gawd is the question.  Grea8Gawd is enjoying the fact the his audience has to soley emerge themselves in his lyrics and gritty rhyme style and that’s it! Where ever he came from no one knows! With that being said, Grea8gawd has quickly gained the respect of some of the top mc’s in the game right now such as Benny the Butcher and Stove god Cooks who recently appeared on 5 records on the new West Side Gunn release. We aren’t sure how Grea8Gawd has earned the respect so fast with these mc’s but he has proven to hold his own on each and every record that he appears on. Know and understand when we speak of Grea8gawd wearing a mask we are not talking about just any ordinary mask. Grea8gawd has been seen in Silk Louis Vuitton masks and one of one Versace masks that’s he is having made specifically for him. He coins his self as “The Don Of The Slime Balls” Be sure to follow him on all social media outlets @Grea8Gawd. His record and video Boss Moves feat benny the Butcher drops next Friday so stay tuned. Welcome to the Adventures of GREA8GAWD……

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