How Duo khildLike Beat the Odds in the Music Industry and Inspire the Youth

Duo khildLike (pronounced childlike) is a rising star. With the buzz around the duo from LA, people wonder how they came to be. Composed of vocalist Khosen and wordsmith Life, the group is making waves in the music industry. They do this through raw, soulful sounds with inspirational messages. 

Just like many successful hip hop groups, khildLike did not have it easy. They had to work so hard for more than a decade to get where they are now. In fact, their journey inspired their current single The Journey. Speaking of journeys, khildLike’s was laden with huge life challenges.

Khosen was convicted of 2 felonies for selling drugs. Obsessed with redeeming himself from being a statistic he vowed to never inflict harm on his community again. Khosen and Life are also working on another single Reparations. According to khildLike, Reparations is their black liberation song. It is their ode to the struggle of black folks.

When asked why they make songs like these, khildLike said that they want to inspire and exemplify an alternative to the youth.  We don’t knock anyone’s hustle until we can replace it but we want to shift the narrative currently in play in the black and brown communities. We want them to know they have options beyond selling drugs and we want them to know it’s actually cool to be intelligent, it’s cool to think for yourself, it’s cool to dress different and you don’t have to abuse drugs to fit in. We want them to appreciate and embrace their weirdness and being unapologetically themselves. 

With a helping heart and enduring mindset, Khosen and Life are now reaping the fruits of their hard work. Opening up for Nipsey and Ice Cube at West Fest 1 and 2, khildLike performed in front of 15,000 people. The duo also collaborated with Jim Jones recently.

On top of that, khildLike currently has more than 15,000 followers on Instagram alone. Their loyal fans tirelessly support them, including their merch. With a track record like this, khildLike is a group to watch out for. They will certainly make a bigger name for themselves in the music industry. 

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