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Jake Strain and his associates at Swaggertown Records have been building a solidified team of new scouts or also known as A&R’s (“artists and repertoires” to find the next artist(s) to take under their wing and then to sign to the label. Swaggertown Records has been established since 2015, in Upstate NY as considered to be an independent (“indie”) record label. Swaggertown Records handles publishing, trademarks, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, promotion, copyright, management and any other essential tools needed to successfully launch an artist, especially going forward into 2022 into the digital age of the music business. 

Swaggertown Records may have less financial clout, but as a traditional indie label they  typically offer larger artist royalty with a 50% profit-share agreement, aka 50-50 deal, rather than a 360 deal because it is just morally wrong to use an artist as a tax write off and then just shelf them. Swaggertown Records competes with the mainstream industry but does it more organically without needing radio play, it’s much easier to launch an artist nowadays with the right resources for consumers, marketing abilities for singles, albums by using streaming services rather than radio and television. 

“The main strategy is to find an artist’s catalog and break it down into a game-plan to release their music properly with the right tools the record label can provide such as an assigned manager and publicist to work one on one with each artist individually to help them gain positive media coverage and help them promote their music and brand with major platforms and outlets to gain exposure for their career.”

Imagine if you had the right tools, resources and connections, or reach out to one of the members at Swaggertown Records 

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