IamKay Coming Up in the Scene

IamKay explores the nightlife and the navigation of the streets. Dropping five singles this year alone, he has carved out a unique niche for himself. With blisteringly hot tracks, from “Yeah” to “Tell Me” to “Spend It,” his brutal honesty is doubly refreshing. One can see his sharp wit displayed for all to see on his Twitter, where he engages in a relatively dark yet undeniably hilarious manner. 

On his latest drop, “Play,” he explores the pain of a broken heart. Nobody wants a breakup to happen, yet the way he tells it, it is never a straightforward process. For one thing, a person can be accessible after a relationship to do precisely what they want when they want. Unfortunately, the loneliness that comes through, that seems to haunt, forces the questions of “will I always be alone?” and “why couldn’t I make that relationship last?” Every relationship is different, and IamKay says as much throughout the booming bass track. 

His career is only accelerating from there. Born in San Bernardino, California, he embodies what it means to hustle. Almost every other day, he’s out there performing, releasing tracks, producing, and crafting his musical universe. “Showtime Entertainment” is a case in point as the label and brand he has been promoting himself and others. The collaborative spirit he embodies is doubly refreshing as his life and his experience resonates with his audience.

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