Ice Cube’s Thoughts on the ‘Friday’ Remake with Chris Tucker’s Stamp of Approval

Hey there, hip-hop heads! If you’re a fan of the classic comedy “Friday,” you’ve probably been wondering about the possibility of a remake. Well, let me spill the tea for you.

In a recent chat with V-103 Atlanta, Chris Tucker, the man who brought Smokey to life, spilled some beans on the potential remake. He kept it real, pointing out that it’s not just about the actors being down for it; the studios and producers need to be on board too. Makes sense, right? We all want to see the magic happen again, but it’s gotta be done right.

And speaking of doing it right, Ice Cube, the mastermind behind “Friday,” has been hustling hard to make it happen. He even penned not one but two scripts for a fourth installment! But, alas, Warner Bros. wasn’t vibing with the culture. Can you believe it? Cube had some fire ideas, but the studio wasn’t feeling it.

First, they were like, “Nah, we can’t have Craig and Day-Day locked up for selling weed.” Then, when they finally got around to considering it, they hit Cube with the “Sorry, we’re not feeling it” line again. But get this—later, they dropped movies left and right about folks getting locked up! What a twist, right?

Cube didn’t give up, though. His second script was all about the young guns and the OGs in the hood, with Craig coming back to set things straight. Sounds dope, right? But then life threw a curveball with the passing of John Witherspoon (RIP Pops) and Deebo. It’s like the universe was playing with Cube’s dreams.

Despite all the setbacks, Cube’s heart is still in it. But did you know he wasn’t even sold on making a sequel in the first place? Yeah, he had to be convinced! Imagine if we missed out on “Next Friday” and “Friday After Next”!

So, here’s the deal: the dream of seeing Craig and Smokey back on the big screen isn’t dead yet. There’s still hope that one day, we’ll be rolling in the aisles, laughing at their antics once more. Until then, let’s keep the faith and bump those classic Friday jams like it’s 1995 all over again.

Stay tuned for more updates, fam! We’ll keep you posted on all things “Friday” and beyond.

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