INDIE SPOTLIGHT: Interview With Donutello

1. What is your name/stage name? Donutello

2. When is your birthday? August 19, 1999

3. Where are you from? Charlotte, NC

4. What do you do? I am a faith-based rapper, investor, & graphic designer

5. How long have you been making music? As long as I remember, but as an independent artist, 3 years.

6. What was your first song/project? My first official project I released back in 2020 called “ExtraTerrestrial” However, the first song I’m releasing under my new stage name “Donutello” is called “Falsetto” (releases March 11, 2022)

7. Who’s your inspiration? I believe different artists have inspired me in different ways. Lyrics/Content I’m inspired by Lecrae, L. DeJuan, J. Monty, Caleb Gordon & when it comes to sound and melodies, I would say A Boogie, Toosii, Godfearin & Polo G

8. What genre of music do you create? Gospel Rap, Financial Literacy Music, Melodic Rap

9. Do you come up with your video concepts? Yes I do

10. Who are you currently working with? I have a track coming soon with L. DeJuan & working with him was a great experience, we both are faith based artists and we’re in the same profession (Video Editing / Graphic Design) so we connected that way as well. Overall great guy.

11. What are some features you have? I’m working on a lot right now but some surprises are coming, can’t say too much!

12. What are some features you want to get? Scootie Wop, J. Monty, Caleb Gordon, BigBreeze, Kevi Morse

13. Who’s one person, dead or alive, that you’d want to work with? Drake, Trip Lee, KB,

14. Are you signed to a label? No, I’m an independent Artist

15. Do you want a record deal, a distribution deal, or none? If I were to sign a deal, it would most likely be a distribution deal to help push my music out while still maintaining creative control of it.

16. Who are your biggest supporters? My family & myself

17. Where did your name come from? I prayed about this rebranding awhile, I didn’t know if I was going to change my whole stage name or not. But, My previous stage name was “Currentt” like right now & I felt that it was time to be more than just “right now”. I want to create work that is timeless, hand-crafted material ya know? & when I think of hand-crafted/hand-made I think of authentic, hands on, work, like sculpting , so I wanted my stage name to reflect that — and one of the world’s greatest sculptors was “Donatello” the italian sculptor.. & it really rang a bell to me because my real name is Donuvan & a lot of people already know me as Don so it really felt meant to be. I changed the “a” in donatello to a “u” because my real name is spelled the same way & that’s how Donutello came about.

18. Do you write your own material? Yes, 100% authentic!

19. Do you create your own music video concepts? Yes, I write my own video treatments

20. What’s your favorite music to listen to? Worship Music, Gospel Rap, some Hip-hop Rap as well

21. What are you currently working on? Working on putting out consistent music for the rest of the year

Donutello is ready to make his Debut and shake the industry. He is one of the hardest workers we’ve ever seen and even told us that his first release is very very close. Follow Him on instagram (Its_Donutello) to stay connected!

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