Interview with “Bman Banga,”

1. What’s your name?
A). Bman Banga
2. Where are you from?
A) Buffalo Ny
3. How old are you?     
A) 23
4 .When did you start making music
A) started at 15
5. How serious are you about your career?
A) there’s nothing that can block my vision to success
6. Have you ever thought about quitting music?
A) A couple of times when I was going through depression
7. Who inspires you the most?
My big brother “Moe Capone” (LongLive)
8.What got you into making music?
A) start in my own studio and recording everybody else
9.Who is your favorite producer?
I’d like a few like Swiss beats timberland Kanye
10. What is one of your best songs/beats?
A) 11 years /meek mill freestyle type beat
11. Are you signed to a record or label?
A) No
12. Have you ever performed?
A) yes
13. Who would you most likely collaborate with?
A) Meek Mill , Anybody from CMG
14. If you could open for any artist who would it be?
A) lil durk
15. What’s next for you?
A) Cook up some more music promote try to get some more new videos out there get some Murch I’m trying to do it all just need to people to stay tune

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