Interview with Da’ron (Duh•Ron)

What is your name?

Da’ron (Duh•Ron)

Would you rather have?

50k in cash or a perfect credit score, and why?

50k. I’ll be able to tend to certain business expenses. The credit score will come

Who is your favorite producer?

Dr. Dre

Are you a touring artist or a recording artist?


Have you ever thought about quitting music?

Yeah, until, I learned business

Favorite Era of music?

90’s. The golden era

Do you plan on traveling?

Yeah UK awaits this material 

Are you an independent artist or are you signed or under any management?


What was your most memorable concert, did you perform at it?

The $pitta show @ the Norva was lit

What was your biggest challenge that you had to overcome during your music career, so far?

Learning business and how to do music, professionally 

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