Interview With Independent Artist: Tre B.

Q.) What do you have going on that you’re most excited about?

A.) Shooting music videos is the exciting thing I have going on right now, it’s a great feeling bringing your music to life with a visual

Q.) What would you say you are least excited about?

A.) Only thing that’s not exciting about the music game is not producing the results that you were expecting especially after promoting the best way possible 

Q.) Is there anything specific about you or your work that you think we should know about?

A.) Diversity can explain my work in one word , I have the ability to succeed in any genre of music, it’s really nothing I can’t do… imma be a legend once I get noticed 

Q.) What would you consider to be a lot of money?

A.) Once you touch a million, you rich forever

Q.) Are you in it for the money?

A.) Not in it for the money, I just wanna be heard across the world

Q.)Is there anything you’ve accomplished that you didn’t think you would be able to?

A.) A few of my songs have been played on a well known radio station. I also have fans out of the country that push me everyday.

Q.) What is the first song off your catalogue that you would direct a potential new fan to listen to?

A.) Tre B.- Ok 

Q.) How many songs have you released?

A.) Too many to count lol, I have a huge catalog 

Q.) Tell us about some of your works not yet released, what’s going on in the vault?

A.) I have one unreleased song that I believe will take off. It’s a motivational pain song and I will be dropping it in December sometime. It’s entitled “Win Again”

Q.) What do you think your role in the music community may end up being? 

A.) I believe my role will be to inspire upcoming artist to fill my shoes. I also will be the turn to guy when you need an excellent feature. I will be putting people in position to win 

Q.) What is a goal you have for between now and next year?

A.) My goal is to triple my fanbase and be noticed worldwide by next year. I will be working on getting verified on all platforms. 

Q.) How do you respond when people talk about being an artist like its a far fetched thing?

A.) I really don’t respond because this is my passion and dream and if you playing and do not take it seriously, I do not need to be around you 

Q.) Who is the rapper you can first recall listening to?

A.) DMX 

Q.) What role would you say they had in the music industry?

A.).He was definitely a pioneer in the game. Died a legend and left a huge mark on the industry. He will forever be remembered

Q.) Do you listen to them still? 

A.) Always will

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