Interview with Jay Arre

Name: Jay Arre 
Where From: Winston Salem, NC
When did you start making music:At 9 began singing in the church & transitioned from there into the seasoned & complete artist I am today. Lyricist/Vocalist, Songwriter, Executive Producer & Engineer.
How serious are you about your career?More focused then Ive ever been about anything. With perseverance, having reached accomplishments & certain benchmark goals independently just encourage me to do/be more for the culture & those that experience my sound. Not a doubt in any fiber of my being that I will be involved in music for life.
Who inspires you the most:GOD. Through him it’s all possible
What got you into making music: Aside from it just being in me since a pre teen; it was my writing & ability to express while establishing self control as a youth. Creating music was therapy, an outlet
Who is your favorite producer: 3 off top: 9th WonderChopHouze12 Gage
What is one of your best songs/beats? Top 3: Good Intentions (Towering Obstacles EP) Who I Am (Making A Name EP) Success (Destiny Incorporates Equal Sacrifice EP)
Are you signed to a record label? No.
Have you ever performed? Many times 
Who would you most likely collaborate with? Anyone, Im open as long as the energy, quality & business is right. 
If you could open for any artist who would it be? Ye

Whats next for you? Post SXSW Im on a press run promoting my recently released ep “TOWERING OBSTACLES” 

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