Interview with Junior Farrer

  1. What’s your name?

Junior Farrer

  1. Where are you from?

Bath, Uk. Recently moved over to London.

  1. How old are you?    


  1. When did you start making music

The first music I made was with my band Sofa, that was in 2018. Made a single that’s still available on spotify! After I went solo and worked on my own projects, the first recorded tune came out in 2020. But I’ve been creating and performing tunes since 2016.

  1. How serious are you about your career?

Very serious! I love making music and performing for others. I play and write whenever I get the chance, but it would be amazing to be able to pay the bills with it.

  1. Have you ever thought about quitting music?

I don’t think I have ever wanted to quit. I have had ups and downs with it, and some days there’s less motivation then normal. But music is still such a positive thing in my life and I don’t think I could ever quit that.

  1. Who inspires you the most?

I have friends and family who are great musicians, in a wide mix of genres. I take a lot of inspiration from them. The artist I look up to the most is probably Skinshape. I love their work and it definitely influences my own writing.

  1. What got you into making music?

My grandad is a big guitar guy, I used to go to his band practices, so I was around music from a young age. After getting into my first band I started getting more serious, being around great musicians and just having fun is the reason I kept with it!

  1. Who is your favorite producer?

I love producers who have used analogue equipment for their tunes. I don’t have many modern producers on my radar, so I’ll have to say people like Mac Demarco and Skinshape!

  1. What is one of your best songs/beats?

Social Mixups is my most recent tune and has gotten the best reception so far! I really enjoyed making it, I have been playing it live for years and I wanted to capture that feeling in the recording. Another great tune is Cycles, which is a collaboration with singer Ella Kinnersley. I think these two songs show what I’m about.

  1. Are you signed to a record or label?


  1. Have you ever performed?

Yes, in a few different places, bars and clubs and some small events. Even had a few performances in France!

  1. Who would you most likely collaborate with?

Ah I love collaborations, really anyone who has something to offer. I am always trying to expand my sound and try new things.

  1. If you could open for any artist who would it be?

Mac Demarco, or Skinshape. Either would be amazing.

  1. What’s next for you?

Work on my discography, keep coming out with tunes for the people! A main focus of mine is to widen my audience, show the world what Junior Farrer has to offer.

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