Interview with Luckyy

What’s your name? My name is Luckyy. Where are you from? Central Texas but I moved around a lot growing up in the area. How old are you? I am twenty-three years old. When did you start making music? I started making music 2 years ago. How serious are you about your career? I’m serious about music to the point where I will literally live in a studio and make music all day, everyday. Music is one of those things that has always kept me up, just always made me happy, it’s something I can’t ever live without. Have you ever thought about quitting music? Never really thought about quitting music, just some mental writing block here and there but once I hear or think of a word, no matter how long it takes, I’ll just go off from there. Who inspires you the most? Some of the artists that have influence me the most is Wiz Khalifa, Collie Buddz, Berner, Lil Wayne, Skinny Mars and Yung Pinch. With my style, I don’t like to focus on a specifc way the entire time. I like to change it up a bit since every song is different, not the same. In some instances, I’ll go for chill vibes, or go to slow songs, cut to deep songs and then songs people can turn up to. What got you into making music? Growing up, I’ve loved music of all different types thanks to the people around me growing up. My cousin had a recording setup in his bedroom and it made me want to write back in middle school but I never did anything with it then. Then the pandemic came, was going through a dark period in my life, just feeling trapped. Almost everyone I knew at the time was getting into music one way or the other. So I was like, “Let me have a go at this.” Next thing I knew, my voice started getting better, voice and beat consecutively for the better. Who is your favorite producer? My producer Rich$$$, I had known him a few years before I started getting into music seriously and during that time, he was already in the scene but I knew if I had to go with someone, it had to be him. He’s one of the people I keep closest around. One of the most loyal dudes I’ve ever met and someone who really cares about his art. What is one of your best songs/bests? Right now… I got a song that’s gonna be released later this year that I can’t stop jammin to at the moment. It’s a great vibe, especially for those late night seshes. Are you signed to a record or a label? Currently, I’m not signed to any at the moment. Only time will tell when it will happen. Have you ever performed? I have not performed before. It’s definitely gonna be a new thing that I’ll have to encounter one way or the other right. Who would you most likely collaborate with? If I had to choose, it gotta be either Wiz Khalifa, Lil Wayne or Collie Buddz. Wayne and Wiz, I’ve been listening to them consistently for the longest time out of any artists I’ve heard. With Collie Buddz, I have loved reggae since I got introduced to Bob Marley and then one of my friends, who lives in Florida, showed me many more artists who have an awesome sound to them and one of em was Buddz. Ever since then, just straight up vibe out to his music any time of the day. If you could open for any artist who would it be? This a toughie. There’s a lot of artists that would be dope to open for. It would have to be someone who has my energy but can also make a crowd go crazy just from hearing the first millisecond of the beat, some one who who can go off without even missing a beat. My pick would be Lil Wayne. What’s next for you? Music wise, definitely going up! I already got a mixtape just waiting to get released, got a few more songs to release before that though. On other things, that I don’t know. Everyday is a new day and you just gotta live in the present. I have a few business ventures that I wanna get to be mixed up in in a few years but that’s for another time.

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