Interview With Rising Star King Grind

What is your name?

Daniel Jamel Gadson the 3rd 

Where are you from?

Born in Cincinnati Ohio raised in the metro Atlanta area from candler rd to upper Riverdale rd 

How long have you been in the music industry?

I’m still underground if u ask me music n my veins 

What is your biggest music accomplishment?

I got my song get it has almost 10,000 streams and people love the song 

What’s your next move?

To just keep grinding and building my finances 

Are you working on any projects?


Where do you see yourself in 1 year?


Who inspired you to make music?

Really myself I had a natural passion since I tried it out at the age of 13 but if I had to pay homage LIL WAYNE , young thug , future , Kodak black 

What producers have you been working with?

Yen the producer who was my best friend he passed away in December 2021 and my new producer 6ideBlue out of Russia 🇷🇺 

Musical influences?

Young Thug and Kodak black currently and of course future always 

What age did you start making music?

At the age of 13 

What place/event do you wanna perform at?

Coachella would be dope I always heard about it but never been 

Did anybody push you to make music?

Nobody I have a natural passion for music it’s therapeutic 

What do you want the fans to take from your music?

Knowledge and wisdom and overall a good vibe on top of words of encouragement and things people can relate too I just wanna help heal the collective through my harmonious vibrations

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