Interview with SPH1NX

Gen-Z HipHop What is your name/stage name? –   SPH1NX Where are you from? –   Rochester, NY What do you do? –   Right now i work at the airport  How long have you been making music? –   Since the end of 2019 Who’s your biggest  inspiration? –   It would honestly have to be kanye because he broke the barrier of becoming a powerhouse artist and a producer and that’s what i aspire to become a major power house in this music industry. What genre of music do you create? –   HipHop/Rap and R&B What was it like working with (collabs?)  –   I honestly haven’t really had too many collabs only beauce artists nowadays are madd weird or either they’ll try to charge an arm and a leg for a verse that sucks or only put in half the effort. What are some features you have? –   Only my 3 friends which would be “Cash-B” “Trelly” and “JGreen” What are some features you want to get? –   I would love to work with Trippie Red, Ski-Mask, Lil Baby, Lil Durk, my twin Rod Wave lol, uhhh Polo G, Lil Tjay and alot more.  Who’s one person, dead or alive, that you’d want to work with? –   Pop Smoke, XXXTentacion, Juice Wrld, NIpsey Hussle, Young Dolph, BIggie, Tupac, Mac Miller and that’s just the rappers that I would want to work with, don’t get me started on the singers. Are you signed to a label? –   No, i’m not signed…. YET but i have been in talks with RCA Records, Atlantic, Sony and even Lil baby’s 4PF Camp. Do you want a record deal, a distribution deal, or none? –   Yes absolutely, because I know how I can use them for my own benefit while also making me a superstar. Who are your biggest supporters? –   Without a doubt my family and friends, they support me with everything I do 100% plus a lot of people in Thailand and in the UK. I don’t know why but they really love me over there. Where did your name come from? –   It’s actually a “play” on words with my last name which is “Spinks” like the old school boxer, plus my word play in most of my songs it kind of like a catchy riddle or rythm like the egyptian “Sphinx” hence my artist name “SPH1NX” just spelled different. What are you currently working on? –   I’m currently working on a little 6-8 project that’s going to be dropping sometime in august or september; but I have so much music stacked up that I could honestly release 2 full concept albums with 3-4 deluxe tracks for each album. What is your latest release? –   A song called “INDECISIVE” it’s a Love/Drill type of song and it was my first time rapping on a drill beat. When is your next release? –   My next release is going to be a summer anthem, Dropping on June 17th. music link: Instagram / Twitter @ names  Instagram: Twitter:

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