Interview With STB TOOKIE

STB TOOKIE hails from Monroe, Louisiana, and is currently 17 years old. Two years ago, he began his journey into music and takes his career seriously, never once considering quitting. Michael Jackson serves as his biggest inspiration, and the late artist’s artistry sparked STB TOOKIE’s passion for music.

STB TOOKIE’s favorite producer is Dr. Dre, and he believes “No gangsta” is one of his best songs, although it has yet to be released. Currently, he is not signed to any record label, nor has he had the opportunity to perform. Nevertheless, he hopes to collaborate with Rod Wave and open for Usher, given the chance.

STB TOOKIE’s future in music is unknown, but he remains determined to continue making music and sharing his artistry with the world. Only time can tell what lies ahead for the young artist.

 Instagram: @laa.tookie

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