Interview with STLN

1. What’s your name?
My name is STLN

2. Where are you from?
I’m from British Columbia, Canada
3. How old are you?     
I am 30 years old

4 .When did you start making music
I started playing guitar when i was 12. My friends and I started playing covers of Old Rock songs in high school, but I started writing lyrics when i was 18 starting out in the battle rap scene.

5. How serious are you about your career?
I feel if i put in the work my talent will take me places. I try to invest in myself in any way possible
6. Have you ever thought about quitting music?
Not really. Although there was a period where I didn’t do anything but I was just becoming a father

7. Who inspires you the most?
I get inspired by artists that I’ve personally worked with. My biggest inspiration is the homie Beadz in Chicago. I dont know another artist that works harder
8.What got you into making music?
My father was a hair metal singer in the 80s I’ve always wanted to be a rockstar

9.Who is your favorite producer?
My favourite producer is Kato. I really appreciate the vibe kato puts out but I’ve worked mostly with Starkore out of Vancouver he has song crazy beats at a great price

10. What is one of your best songs/beats?
My most recent song “Bat Sh*t crazy” with Nate Good

11. Are you signed to a record or label?
I have yet to sign with a record or label.
12. Have you ever performed?
I’ve performed mostly in the Niagara Falls area as well as Vancouver and surrounding areas! But I’m looking at getting back on stage in different areas
13. Who would you most likely collaborate with? I would most likely collab with Nate Good or Terell Safadi again

14. If you could open for any artist who would it be?
I would love to open for Blackbear or Cryptic Wisdom
15. What’s next for you?
Next for me is an E.P titled those were the days which is dropping in The Summer

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