Interview With Talented Rising Artist Alex Hart

Q.) Artist Name, Location

A.) “My artist name is Alex Hart and my location
is Port Lincoln, South Australia.”

Q.) Where are you from?

A.) “I’m originally from the UK but I moved to Australia in 2012.”

Q.) What do you do?

A.) “Well I currently work as a department manager at my
local supermarket but in my free time I like to play video
games, work on my music and hang out with my family,
friends and girlfriend.”

Q.) How long have you been making music?

A.) “Well I’ve been covering songs since 2020 but I only
started writing my own music in July 2021.”

Q.) Who’s your biggest inspiration?

A.) “My big three inspirations would probably have to be Green
Day, Coldplay and The Smith Street Band.”

Q.) What genre of music do you create?

A.) “I predominantly write indie rock/alternative rock but I
also dabble in pop punk, hard rock and a little bit
of indie pop.”

Q.) What was it like working with (collabs?)

A.) “So far I’ve only ever collaborated with good friends who
are also in the music business so it’s pretty fun haha.”

Q.) Who’s one person, dead or alive, that you’d want to work with?

A.) “I would love to have worked with Kurt Cobain in his prime but
if I had to pick someone who was still around I’d
definitely have to say Green Day.”

Q.) Are you signed to a label?

A.) “Not at the moment but I hope to be one day.”

Q.) Do you want a record deal, a distribution deal, or none?

A.) “Honestly I’d be happy with anything that makes it so that music
can be my career and so that my music will be heard around the world.”

Q.) Who are your biggest supporters?

A.) “Judging by how small I am and how I’ve only been doing music for
about a year, my biggest supporters are my family and friends.”

Q.) Where did your name come from?

A.) “Unfortunately when I started out I wasn’t as confident in myself
as I am now so I didn’t feel comfortable coming
up with a name so I just used my own.”

Q.) What are you currently working on?

A.) “At time of writing I am working on quite a few projects: I am writing
two songs with an artist who is very new to music, the group created by
myself and friends so that artists could collaborate under one name
(a.k.a The 606 Collective) are working on an album and I am working
on a personal album.”

Q.) What is your latest release?

A.) “My latest release is Bus Stops and Binge Drinking, a pop punk song
featuring The Chocolate Milk Cult, about being stuck in the small town
mentality and getting stuck in a constant cycle of working and drinking.”

Q.) When is your next release?

A.) “My next releases will be the previously mentioned collaboration project
with the new-to-music artist Orchid, called Reaching Out and Collage. However
the release date is yet to be confirmed.”

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