Interview with $travo D’nero

#1  Interview With Upcoming Artist  ____$travo D’nero________   
1. How would you describe your musical style? My musical style is very southern and layed back but very lyrical. 
2. What is the first album you owned?The first album I owned was Bone Thugs n Harmony (East1999Eternal)..when cassette tapes were still popping 


3. How do you prepare before going up on stage? Honestly I prepare by taking deep breaths and smoking me a blunt
4. If we’re going to buy you a drink, what should it be? Either a shot of Jose Cuervo Gold or Margaritas    
5. What’s a song that has been stuck in your head these days? My latest single “HATERZ”  
6. Who’s your favorite artist? I can’t really say,I listen to alot of music
7. Tell us about the first song you made. Was it a success or a failure? The first song I made was “Diamonds” wich I performed off of Memphis Bleeks “Round Here”.It was a success for city at the time. 8. What is the story behind  “FILL IN BLANK”? I’m from Jackson, Mississippi. I grew up running the streets and doing criminal activities and other hustles to get money.I didn’t care if it was crime or an actual job, I wasn’t going to be walking around broke or without the things I needed.I actually started rapping and remixing songs in elementary school..And middle school I started freestyling but I didn’t start writing songs and actually take things serious until high school.
9. If you could pick one or the other, what would you choose, the money or the fame? MONEY     
10. If you could go back in time or in the future, which one would you choose and why? I would go back in time because I let myself miss out on a lot of opportunities and chances that could’ve potentially helped me and had me in a way better position than I am. 

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