Interview With Upcoming Artist Jordon Brown

 1. How would you describe your musical style?

My music is very dark and abstract, it’s filled with my pain and every word is complete honesty I can say that there is no other artist like me with 100% certainty.

2. What is the first album you owned?


3. How do you prepare before going up on stage?
A quick prayer , vocal warm ups and a bottle of water

4. If we’re going to buy you a drink, what should it be?
Pure Vodka

5. What’s a song that has been stuck in your head these days?
Prince- purple rain
Michael Jackson – human nature

6. Who’s your favorite artist?
Michael Jackson and Prince

7. Tell us about the first song you made. Was it a success or a failure?
I wrote my first song when I was 4.
I recorded my first song when I was 12 on my cellphone.
In terms of statistics it wasn’t a success because I didn’t release it.
But for me it was a complete success because it was my first time and it sounded complete perfect.

8 .If you could pick one or the other, what would you choose, the money or the fame?
Honestly, I want my music\ voice to be heard more than anything in the world so it’s FAME for me.

9. If you could go back in time or in the future, which one would you choose and why?
I’m a very curious person so FUTURE for me

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