Interview with Vashaun V Davis

1.  Name /Stage name Vashaun Davis V DAVIS 2.  Where are you from? Ann Arbor Michigan 3.  What Do You Do ? I am a personal fitness trainer and an R & B Singer. I’m always writing and working on my vocals. I took lessons for 2 years.4.  How Long Have You Been Making Music? 4 years 5.  What was your first song/project? Froze was my first song. I made a project called All This pain.6.  Who is your inspiration? I listen to a lot of Chris brown.7.  What was it like working with? My cousin, a single of mine, called Shawty so fine.8.  What are some features you have ? Working on my single shawty so fine with the wheelchair goat another single called What Is you saying with an artist name Nyce.9. Who’s one person dead or alive you want to work with ? I would want to work with nipsey hussle even though i sing he has a great rap flow.10.  Are you signed to a label? No, I am not signed to any label.11.  Do you want a record deal? yes if the deal is good.12.  Who are your biggest supporters? My family and girlfriend.13.  What are you currently working on? I am working on tape right now with a single dropping April 29th on all streaming platforms15.  When is your next release? April 29th on all streaming platforms a single off my tape called Out The Way.16.  Where is one place you wanna travel to perform? I would love to do a show

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