Interview with Vicco Voorhee$0

1. What’s your name? – Vicco Voorhee$
2. Where are you from? – I like to tell people I’m from the planet Mars but in this realm, I’m from Charlotte, North Carolina. 
3. How old are you?- I turn 28 April 2nd     
4 .When did you start making music – Around Spring 2010, I made my first banger.
5. How serious are you about your career?- max to infinity, i love the position i’m in.
6. Have you ever thought about quitting music?- NEVER, BIG NEVER
7. Who inspires you the most?- My big Brother Wiz Khalifa and his team inspires me the most. 
8.What got you into making music?- At one point of time, I can remember myself loving specifically the beat bass to the Song Salt Shaker by the Ying Yang Twins , man, i’ve kept the little ball of energy for a while and just decided to advance in it Spring 2010.

9.Who is your favorite producer?- Sledgren, from the Taylor Gang Group. His bangers will feed the mind just like mine will.
10. What is one of your best songs/beats?- My best song at the moment, The Bat I’ll Take Your Hat ft. me Vicco Voorhee$. I dropped this song on the 31st of Oct. 2021. You can find it only on SoundCloud.- My favorite beat of mine around this time is a beat I named called “Dr.Vicco’ prod. by myself.
11. Are you signed to a record or label?Yes, Myself. 9094 $RC $hlucky Records & Company. and my Label is under TGOD Taylor Gang, Wiz Khalifa’s major Record Label.
12. Have you ever performed?- For a camera, yes but going outside is different. if i had my resources set up for that then i know i’d also master that as well each performance.  
13. Who would you most likely collaborate with?- Rappers: Wiz or Juicy J- Producer: Sledgren or Ricky PKeeping in the family so far as for right now.
14. If you could open for any artist who would it be?- The Les Twins, ima bring it overseas too.
15. What’s next for you?- High Margin Advancing and advancements. Investing and putting more content out for discovery. Get a wide range of people onna high that they’ve never peaked on before. Spread more love. Smoke more good Weed. Reciprocate more feel good energy. no Euphoria.

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