J Cole Shares Feelings Of Envy Towards Those Living A “Normal Life”

J. Cole, the American rapper, songwriter, and producer, has revealed his envy towards people who lead a “normal” life without fame and a strong desire to achieve more. The revelation came during his interview with Golden State Warriors GM Bob Myers for the latest episode of the Lead By Example Podcast. The Dreamville founder said he thinks that living a peaceful life without any significant ambitions is also just as valid.

He added that people in society and culture are pushed towards a “hustle culture” where working hard is encouraged, but it can make people feel guilty and insufficient for not having a great dream to aspire to. He considers it a blessing to be satisfied, at peace, and content with life. During the 45-minute interview, J. Cole touched on various topics, including smoking cigarettes at six years old, his love for basketball, and his pillars of success.

Despite his love for music, J. Cole has hinted that retirement might be on his mind, though he is not yet ready to hang up his mic for good. Recently, J. Cole collaborated with BTS star J-Hope for an assist on his “On The Street” track. In the song, J. Cole raps about his contemplation of choosing a different hobby and letting go of rapping, like a father watching his daughter grow.

The rapper’s revelation about his envy for people leading normal lives without fame has raised questions about the impact of social media on society. Do we need to have great dreams to live a meaningful life? Is it necessary to be ambitious to be happy? J. Cole’s thoughts have sparked a conversation about how society perceives success and how we should view those who live a peaceful life without any significant ambitions.

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