Janet Jackson Announces New Documentary

Janet Jackson has announced an exciting new documentary that will chronicle the upcoming chapter of her life, including her highly anticipated Together Again Tour. The project, titled “Janet Jackson: Family First,” will be a follow-up to her 2022 documentary and will offer a more current look at the legendary pop icon’s life and career.

The new documentary will focus on Janet’s efforts to reunite her family band for the first time in 40 years, with her brother Randy by her side. The Together Again Tour is also set to coincide with Janet’s 50th year in the entertainment industry and the anniversaries of two of her most critically acclaimed albums.

The documentary is set to offer viewers an inside look at Janet’s life as she prepares for the tour and will take fans on the road with her and Randy as they travel the country performing for audiences. Janet expressed her excitement for the new project and thanked fans for their support throughout her career.

The Together Again Tour will kick off in April with Ludacris as a special guest, and the 33-city tour will make stops across the United States and Canada. Janet’s last tour was four years ago, making this a highly anticipated event for fans.

The new documentary will be released on Lifetime and A&E, although no official release date has been announced. Fans can expect to see a more intimate side of Janet as she opens up about her personal life, career, and family, making “Janet Jackson: Family First” a must-see for fans and music lovers alike.

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