Javoe Rôkour is helping artists thrive in today’s music industry.

Javoe Rôkour had a desire to learn “how to get on” in the music industry at an early age, this led him on a journey to crack the code for independent artists. Without missing a day he has been studying the numbers, music and algorithm to identify what truly retains new fans and leverage for independent and major artists. 5 years later he’s now a professional music marketer with multiple businesses all centered around helping artists thrive. His marketing has personally assisted thousands of artists at all levels by increasing their brand awareness and getting their music heard.

 In addition, his website RokourdingAcademy.comcontains courses providing musicians with the necessary steps and strategies required to stand out and make an impact in today music game. Currently, Rôkour is on an artist development tour across America teaching musicians how to collect their royalties and properly register and license their music. Rôkour stresses artists and digital creditors to  build their brand as soon as possible. “Even if you don’t feel like you’re ready, do it anyway. Finding a mentor or taking valuable online courses can fast forward your ability to scale your business to new heights. Creativity is key, figuring out what makes your Business different from others and capitalizing on that is your ultimate goal. Keep in mind every business and brand wants two things: 1). More sales. 2). Automation. If you can provide those two valuable assets for other brands and businesses you will always find a way to become successful.” – Javoe Rôkour.

Rôkour’s ultimate goal is to utilize his marketing abilities to spread correct information artists need to know to truly increase their probability of becoming successful in the music industry.

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