Jéshan Jones Tells Us How To Become A Successful Content Creator 

Men’s blogger Jéshan Jones is making impact on social media and has gained thousands of followers using few strategies and our reporter (reporter name)had an interview with him and here’s what he had to say :

Reporter: Jéshan , what inspired you to start an instagram ?

Jéshan : I was always obsessed with photography from childhood and wanted to capture beautiful moments which literally inspired me to start an instagram account ?

Reporter: How did you gain followers so quickly on social media ?

Jéshan : My niche is fashion.When I first started my instagram account what i have always had on my mind is quality over quantity. I have always wanted to give the fans what they wanted to see and took time to create quality content. I engaged with other content creators and my followers which helped me to gain followers quickly.

Reporter: Are there strategies to gain followers quickly on social media ?

Jéshan: Yes there are. Most people either don’t know it or don’t bother to know it. One of the fastest ways to grow on social media is tik tok and reels. Tiktik promotes content faster through the algorithm which will help you to gain hundreds of followers on tiktok and send followers to instagram. Instagram reels are very helpful and get recognition quicker. Another quick way to gain followers is get shoutouts from larger accounts on Instagram through certain freelancing apps like fiverr.

Reporter: Lot of young people seem to fail on social media. Is this because of lack of effort or lack of quality content ?

Jéshan : I will say this , there are content creators who are making content for years and they get the same amount of likes and views on their content as 10 years ago. Sometimes people just don’t like to take the “L” because they have an ego. What they need to realize is that social media is not for them because they messed up in the beginning and then did not bother to correct their flaws and produce better content. Their content was just shitty and always will be.  And then you have people who don’t know how to use social media because of their lack of effort. They would use phone cameras to take photos and videos as we know that cellphone photos are straight failures on social media. Only DSLR should be used for photos on social media. There are people who are too lazy to even carry a camera with them. I would say its both lack of content and lack of effort.

Reporter: That was very insightful. Do you think not having a social media account as a millennial or gen z affects someone’s life ?

Jéshan : If a millennial or gen z doesn’t have social media then they’re missing out on a lot. Social media fulfills two of the most important pillars in our lives and they’re Finance and Dating. Social media creates a lot of opportunities for content creators who can make hundreds of thousands of dollars through sponsorship, collaborations, merchandise sales, Views etc etc. Social media can be a good source of income for quality content creators. Also having a good instagram is mandatory in today’s modern age. Lets a say a guy has 500 followers and another guy has 200k followers, who you think will get more DM’s and dates / sex from women ? Of course the guy with 200k followers will get more as long as he has a good game. Also the guy with 200k followers will have more access to hotter women than the guy with 500 followers. Having a social media presence is very important.

Reporter: What advice do you have for people who want to be successful on social media ?

Jéshan : Just go out there and shoot quality content and edit your content properly and present it professionally. Don’t pay attention to the naysayers and haters. Nothing great was built overnight. Stay on your grind and make your progress count.
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