JID’s Hates His Own Music Style

In a surprising revelation on the Throwing Fits podcast, JID, the lyrical maestro from Dreamville, confessed to despising the very genre he excels in. While he proudly acknowledges his own lyrical prowess, the rapper admitted, “I listen to my shit ’cause I’m amazing, but I don’t listen to my style of rap.”

This paradox isn’t unique to JID. 21 Savage, after dropping his American Dream album, revealed a penchant for R&B over rap. Bobby Shmurda echoed similar sentiments, expressing a desire for reggae over his own genre. Even Tyler, The Creator, back in 2011, admitted to not really listening to rap despite being a prominent figure in the industry.

The unexpected revelation adds layers to JID’s musical persona, showcasing a complex relationship with his own artistry. Despite his aversion to lyrical hip hop, his impact is undeniable. Big Boi from OutKast recently credited JID with reigniting his passion for rap, praising the artist for not just rapping but delivering meaningful content.

JID’s paradoxical stance prompts reflection on the intricate relationship artists have with their own creations. It’s a reminder that artistic preferences and influences can be as diverse and complex as the music itself.

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