Joseph Thyer’s Future Plans

Joseph Thyer is a singer and songwriter from Bangor, Maine, who has been making music for the past seven years. He has been working tirelessly to elevate his music career and create music that resonates with his fans. In the next few years, Joseph has several plans for his music career.

Joseph Thyer plans to release new singles for his next album, which he hopes will appeal to a diverse audience. He is focused on perfecting his craft and creating music that is unique and resonates with his fans. He also hopes to perform in Ireland, one of the places he has always wanted to travel to.

Joseph Thyer also hopes to sign a record deal to help him promote his music to a broader audience. He is committed to creating music that stands out and appeals to different audiences. In the next five years, Joseph Thyer sees himself still making music and growing his fan base. He hopes to continue inspiring others and leaving a positive impact on the music.

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