A pool boy in Florida is transitioning into being a music artist – and he’s attracting attention from all the right places!

Kabes, from West Palm Beach, is collaborating with infamous wild boy music producer LX Xander on new music. However – even though he’s moving onto greater things, he’s not ashamed of his come-up:

“I even have a new song coming out soon called “Pool Boy”, he tells us. “I am constantly out in the Florida heat working but the real Florida heat comes out when I get home to record new songs. I’ve been involved in music throughout my whole life. I played numerous brass instruments throughout grade school and achieved enormous success, recognized as one of the best players and leaders in the state. What drives me the most is my love and passion for the art, and my desire to improve each and every day.”

Kabes is on Instagram at @kev.yk.

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