Kace Vegas Has An Incredible Degree Of Authenticity & Star Power  

Unlike Any Other – And His Debut EP Are You Ready For Me Proves It.
With his stylistically slick sound and radiantly flashy vibes, Kace Vegas  has quickly become one of the hottest breakout stars of this new  decade with an entire lineup of vibrant single-worthy songs on the Are You Ready For Me EP. Expertly blending the best of the past from the  roots of Funk, Soul, and R&B with a sensational modern-day infusion of  Hip-Hop & Pop, Kace’s official debut record has been taking over  playlists all around the world through his groundbreaking collection of  innovative and irresistible songs. Online & ready to be enjoyed by one  and all, – Are You Ready For Me is available at every major music spot  on the internet right now, and destined to take his name straight up to the very top of the charts. 

From the inherently sensual way his music moves with such a supreme bounce and sexualized spark at  its core, to Kace’s inherent gift of turning good times into great ones, Are You Ready For Me confirms he  was born to entertain the masses & has all the uniquely special talents required to truly make it happen.  With three spectacular songs that reveal his wild personality, his mischievous charm, and his undeniably  stellar vocals, Are You Ready For Me instantly proves that Kace is already able to captivate & mesmerize  listeners in ways most artists go through their whole careers searching to accomplish. His music just hits  different than the rest does for all the right reasons – the center of the spotlight is where Kace genuinely  belongs; and it’s his passion for the craft & pure love of the game that people connect with in his music.

100% guaranteed to generate serious heat through your speakers that’ll put you  in the mood to turn the lights down low & spend your time between the sheets  with that special someone, “On My Mind” starts out Kace’s debut EP with a  

sexually supercharged energy that everyone can feel. With “Dance With Me”  

proudly beaming out the vivacious & catchy Funk/Pop combination of sound he’s  become synonymous with, clubs can expect a massive surge of people running to  the poles and to the dance-floor to cut it up! “Take You Home” puts the audible  cherry on top, delivering the full scope of Kace’s magnetic personality and music  

as one, through an innuendo-laden experience that’ll leave listeners creamin’ &  craving more. As memorable as music gets & armed with a flawlessly fluid set of  songs designed to be turned UP – the Are You Ready For Me EP speaks volumes  on behalf of a next-level artist that’ll stop at nothing to get his, while making sure  every one of YOU is completely engaged from beginning to end in the process.

Kace Vegas isn’t just here for a moment, he’s creating a real movement in music that’ll have him surging  through the scene as a premier source of sound entertainment for years and years to follow. Ready to  prove to the world that he’s capable of doing it all like no one’s ever done it before, through songs that  are mercilessly going to move you – join him in the celebration of his arrival, and turn up his debut EP. 

Kace Vegas Online: Official SiteInstagram – Tik Tok – Apple Music – Spotify – Soundcloud – YouTube

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