Katttbk Releases Anticipated Song Champagne

Every young artist’s dream is to be successful. The ultimate goal is for the music to move your audience and present a tale they can relate to. Gaining a following and retaining a constant audience are the most difficult aspects of the music industry. This is not an issue for Katttbk as an aspiring composer and singer.

Katttbk is one of California’s most promising names. Every song she makes is a hit!. In 2020 she released a song titled “Champagne”. I stand on my business and count all my blessings”  stated

 In a recent sit-down with Katttbk at Audiomack, the singer spoke on her influence and how she got to where she is. She plans on dropping her debut album this summer. This album features 18 tracks, each one defining the artist in a clearer light than the last. Each song has its own melodic vibe to it. The tracks blend her honesty and bold lyricism together to create songs that are fun and easy to listen to. They dive into the realities of her life in a way that makes her music easy to relate to. 

The honesty and humble energy that this artist exudes is simply amazing. Katttbk’s music seems to give back to the people who care about her the most. With this passion and her skill, it seems like there is nothing this artist can’t do. It’s obvious that Katttbk is a truly talented artist with an amazing voice and unbeatable lyrics.





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