King Key Gives Us Powerful New Visual Titled “Gun Out”

WATCH HERE[produced by Tim Curry][shot by Daniel Castillo]

[starring Micheal Vincent Berry and Timeca M. Seretti]

“My little brother died at the hands of police officers in 2013. He was tazed until his heart stopped. That changed my life and my family’s life forever. We see these types of things far too often on our social media but it hits different when you lose someone close to you from police brutality.”-King Key

Sometimes we want a comforting voice telling us everything will be okay instead of dealing with the harsh reality. It’s always easier to make club hits and love music because it provides a positive fantasy about the world. A lot of my music is based on the harsh reality and situations we have to endure because I always want to keep it honest and authentic. 

The BLM movement has quieted down and people tend to follow the trends of being aware of systemic injustice and police brutality and after a while they fade out. I am here to honor my brother and all others who have lost their lives to these types of situations. This project is a piece of me.. I am a voice for the silenced. Watch Gun Out and experience it for yourself!

Gun Out Sat jun 12-1.00_02_53_14.Still019.jpg

King Key was born on April 26 in Temple, TX where he had a very exhilarating childhood. A childhood friend once introduced him to freestyling which led to him developing a passion for rapping in high school. There, he would display his skills for his coaches before various sporting events and he would display his lyrical skills for other classmates.

He started writing songs in 2007 and had his first performance in 2009. In 2013, when an unforeseen tragedy struck, he began pursuing his rap career full time. Since then, his career has skyrocketed.

King was also seen in 2021 alongside BeatKing and Erica Banks. Rumor has it, he has songs with both of those artists and is ready to release them at any moment!

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