Kiwiuh Reflects On His Uprising In The Music Industry

Success is not accidental; neither is it happenstance. For every successful individual or brand out there, there are several weeks, months, or years of hard work in the background and oblivious to outsiders. But irrespective of the nature of one’s job, hustle, or endeavor, luck does a lot. One would find favor sometimes, and everything could really come together sometimes as if there was magic involved. And, as Calvin Lewis (popularly known as Kiwiuh) puts it, “without a plan, you plan to fail.”

To distinguish someone who is hungry for success, their passion, work ethic, and desire to advance and become better in one’s job are the characteristics to look out for. Because possessing these qualities puts one in a better position to advance in one’s career, Kiwiuh sees his pursuit of a music career as seriously like it were a white-collar job, and within a few years of working in the music industry, even though he is not quite there yet, he has created a unique social media following and fan base for himself.

Kiwiuh is an entertainer and dancer from the Bay Area. He is currently regarded as one of the best and most exciting dancers to watch not only in the Bay Area but in the entire music industry, having carved a niche for himself thanks to his electric performances. As a dancer, Kiwiuh has featured in numerous music videos from artists such as Nef the Pharaoh, Priceless Da Roc, DMAC, Heaven Marina, among several others.

Kiwiuh is a symbol of hard work, having realized early on in his career that he might not get everything he wanted out of life if he doesn’t work for it with the last drop of his sweat. Hence, the reason he has, through the years, pursued every one of his passions aggressively without looking an inch like someone who might give up soon. By combining a dance and entertainment company with the ownership of an up-and-coming clothing line called “Kiwiscove.” Through the brand, Kiwiuh realizes his childhood dream of conceptualizing and designing silk-lined hoodies.

Kiwiuh is also a social media sensation, especially on Tik Tok and Twitter, where he has consistently gone viral with virtually every content he posts. For instance, his “relatable tweets” are quite popular on the microblogging platform that have amassed over 12 million impressions in the last two weeks, which has earned him a feature on Yahoo news. In addition, he commands a massive following on TikTok with 60k followers and a viral video with over 6 million views, including providing digital marketing services to brands and individuals.

Kiwiuh is undoubtedly a brand to be reckoned with as his influence transcends music, dance and entertainment. His contribution to the fashion world through his original creations places him in a position to keep thriving for the next few decades to come. All efforts are in place towards a smooth transition into the music scene full time with the release of his debut EP, “KiwisCove Vol 1,” on every digital streaming platform.

Learn more about Kiwiuh and his extensive brand via his Twitter and Instagram.

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