Laci Kay Somers drops another hit with “Bad Bitch Alert”

Get ready to be wowed – because we got the chance to sit down with none other than the baddest babe in the game, Laci Kay Somers. This multi-talented beauty is shaking up the industry with her incredible vibe, and insane talent – and we can’t wait to bring you all the inside scoop. So sit back, grab some popcorn, and get ready to experience a quick taste of the talented Laci Kay Somers.

Prove: So “Bad Bitch Alert” is CRAZY – But we gotta know, what’s next in terms of features/singles/videos, etc?

Laci Kay Somers: I love to create and the music video aspect to me is so fun since I am such a visual person. I directed my last video alongside my sister, Stefani Somers. I want to be even more prolific as a director, putting my visual stamp on all of my music. So… More incredible videos!!

Prove: This looks like a major label budget video… Which label dropped this?

Laci Kay Somers: My own label since I’m independent, LKSmusic. I’m building it from the ground up, launching myself as the flagship artist. Being independent has a ton of freedom associated because I get to make every decision creatively and bring my internal vision to life. 

Prove: If you could choose two artists to work with – which ones would it be?

Laci Kay Somers: I am from the Bay Area so I would love to work with Too Short, and Eminem (of course) . 

Prove: Ok last question Laci! What’s one strange or different reason you love making music?

Laci Kay Somers: Music gives me an opportunity to express myself in a way I can’t do on any other platform. I love that people don’t expect it from me. I am very outspoken and love that I can translate that with my music. 

This is just a brief interview, but you really need to do a deep dive on this woman. This is the beginning of something truly special. Check out all of her socials below.

Spotify: Laci Kay Somers

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