Lilah B’s Journey to Purity and Authenticity in Her Music

Born and raised in Palm Beach County, Lilah B, also known as Berline, is a rising rap-pop artist who draws inspiration from a diverse range of musical influences such as Juice World, Travis Scott, Uzi, Trippie Red, Drake, and Rihanna. With her unique style and sound, Lilah B aims to convey purity, self-love, honesty, and fun vibes through her music.

In an interview, Lilah B shared her creative process, explaining that she tries to stay engaged with the game and with herself. She works on her deliverance, always writes or at least writes ideas down. This focus on self-improvement and self-expression allows Lilah B to stay motivated and inspired as an artist.

Lilah B’s latest project, “Back to Purity,” features her first single, “Savior.” She explained that the inspiration behind the single was feeling like she was triggering people without understanding the cause. This experience led her to focus on personal purity and authenticity in her music, a theme that is evident in her lyrics.

When asked about collaborations, Lilah B shared that she collaborated with a producer and that she initially didn’t like the beat he sent her. However, after a few times, she started to like it and couldn’t wait to record what she wrote. This willingness to explore new sounds and ideas while maintaining her authenticity is a key feature of Lilah B’s approach to music.

As Lilah B continues to build her music career, she hopes to achieve fame on a certain level, with many people singing her lyrics and performing on big stages. She wants her listeners to take away her realness, integrity, and storyline.

In conclusion, Lilah B’s journey to purity and authenticity in her music showcases her commitment to self-expression and self-improvement. With her unique sound and relatable lyrics, Lilah B is a rising star in the rap-pop genre.

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